Overcoming Adversity, Uniting for Recovery. We're Ready!

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Dear SDG Partners,

We sincerely appreciate your steadfast support for the SDG Group throughout the years. Your invaluable contributions have been instrumental in driving our steady growth and success.

Having navigated through the “Century Upheaval”, which encompassed challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, geopolitical transformations, and economic stagnation, we deeply acknowledge the dedicated efforts of each one of you. In the face of these challenges, we have consistently upheld the core values of the SDG Group, and our unwavering commitment to pursuing excellence has remained unchanged.

  • In February 2022, the SDG Academy was established to promote ESG initiatives and develop the SDG Sustainable Development Network. (Link)
  • In November 2022, the raising of two flags at the headquarters symbolized our unwavering commitment and efforts in the pursuit of excellence. (Link)
  • In January 2023, we launched the Shared Economy initiative, inviting more partners to join us in the pursuit of the SDG Group's sustainable development goals. We now have over 10,000 members on the SDG Share+ APP and 100+ ESG corporate plans. (Link)
  • In February 2023, we actively promoted Global Power Supply Standardization and Industry Value Networks, establishing 12 online product exhibition halls. These efforts have translated into tangible contributions towards sustainable development. (Link)
  • In March 2023, during our Partner Day event, we globally promoted the theme “Pursuit of Excellence and Sail into the Future”, which encapsulates our commitment to the future. (Link)
  • In June 2023, we launched a program to promote “Industry Recovery”, aimed at assisting our partners and the overall industry in recovery. (Link)
  • In August 2023, throughout industry and customer structural adjustments, we continue to lead the industry's development by driving the implementation of 3+N solutions and high-end products. This effort has resulted in a continuous increase in product sales. (Link)
  • In August 2023, we enhanced computerized internal control operations, enabling real-time access to market information and operational performance changes. We also implemented measures in response to abnormal indicators.
  • In August 2023, we introduced an employee/partner evaluation system, considering factors such as distributor's accounts receivable (AR), Market Development Funds (MDF), sales incentive variation ratios, and supplier price increase ratios. 

We have gone through the financial crisis of 2008~2010, which serves as a reminder to our partners that the challenges we are currently facing are even more formidable. SDG Group is prepared and ready for this situation, and we invite partners to stay tuned to news on the MW APP (iOS, Android) to support SDG Group as we all work together to achieve a swift recovery.

For more details about your business and procurement, our representatives will provide you with a comprehensive explanation. Let's move forward together and contribute our efforts for a better environment for the next generation!

SDG Group Founder: Jerry Lin
SDG Group CEO of Overseas Market: Ted Cheng
SDG Group CEO of Greater China: Alex Tsai
SDG Group COO: Kevin Chen
SDG Group CSO: Patrick Wang