Product Upgrade Notice: IRM-30/45/60, EPS-45S/65S, EPP-120S/400/500 Officially Obtained EN60335-1 Approval

By Frank Chen/ Product Manager

In order to fulfill the increasing demands of end systems that require the power supplies’ compliance with the EU household electrical appliance requirements, MEAN WELL has dedicated resources for the upgrade of selected PCB type power supplies with TUV EN60335-1 (Household and similar electrical appliances) safety approval. The IRM-30/45/60, EPS-45S/65S, and EPP-120S/400/500 have completed the safety certification process, and customers that design these power supplies into their products can significantly reduce the system level safety fees, by bypassing various burdensome certification procedures, and the end system can quickly and easily obtain the safety approval.
The standard product will be directly upgraded to have the new EN60335-1 approval, and the status of existing safety approvals will not be affected. Also, any cost incurred by this upgrade will be 100% absorbed by MEAN WELL, so the unit price of these products will not be adjusted. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact your MEAN WELL sales or representative.

Series Upgraded Date Lot No.
IRM-45/ IRM-45-ST
IRM-60/ IRM-60-ST
2019/10/29 Y1911C
IRM-30/ IRM-30-ST 2019/11/19 Y1912B
EPS-45S/ EPS-65S 2019/11/19 Y1912B
EPP-400/EPP-500 2019/12/03 Y1912D

Note: The standard EPP-120S did not require any adjustments to meet the EN60335-1 safety requirements, so there is no indication of the upgrade date.

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