Common Vision, Earliest Recovery

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Dear Partners,
As the challenging year of 2023 draws to a close, reflecting on the past months reveals a continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a rise in inflation, fluctuating exchange rates, overstocked market inventories, economic stagnation, low consumer confidence, and the Israel–Hamas Conflict—variables that have unfolded one after another. Faced with the upheaval of the century, all partners share the common vision of the "earliest recovery." As the year concludes, we would like to express our gratitude once again for your continuous cooperation and support, which has enabled us to grow, thrive, and overcome these challenges.
The SDG Group (MEAN WELL/PowerNex/SHARE WELL), upholding the concept of promoting the recovery of the industry, continues to stabilize the supply chain to fully support authorized distributors and KAMs (Key Account Members). Please pay attention to the following policies:

1. SDG Group offers a 10% SDG points rebate for December shipments. For orders placed before December 31st with available inventory, shipments will be made by December 28th (Thursday) [December 29th (Friday) is inventory assessment day, and December 30th (Saturday), December 31st (Sunday), and January 1st(Monday) are holidays with no shipments].
2. All regional managers/sales representatives are required to communicate and track partners' order control rates, maintaining a range of 0.8 to 1.2 times from July to December, to avoid the review of double yellow flags.
3. The new price list will officially take effect from January 1st, 2024, at 12:00 AM (Taiwan time). New orders will be implemented according to the new price list. However, existing customers are allowed to choose between the new and old price lists for placing orders until March 31st, 2024, and supply will be based on the lower price.

In 2023, MEAN WELL’s orders and shipments are expected to reach a relatively low point since the onset of the epidemic. Nevertheless, we are confident that this trough will be temporary, and a rebound is imminent. The SDG Group will continue to promote the "Global Standardization of Power Supplies" to ensure that system engineers worldwide can easily find suitable products from MEAN WELL’s standard product line (Virtual Expo). Simultaneously, we are expanding the “Industry Value Network,” integrating products and strategies from PowerNex Group and SHARE WELL Group, to create a second growth curve (Link). We recommend early investment in the various new products launched by MEAN WELL this year, the 3+N/green energy technology-related products, and accessories provided by PowerNex. Utilize the power of the industrial value network to offer end customers a wider range of one-stop-shopping services!
For more information about the development of MEAN WELL and SDG Group, our sales representatives will call you to explain in detail. Let us work together to achieve our common vision and embark on the road to the earliest recovery!

SDG Group Founder: Jerry Lin
SDG Group CEO of Overseas Market: Ted Cheng
SDG Group CEO of Greater China: Alex Tsai
SDG Group COO: Kevin Chen
SDG Group CSO: Patrick Wang