Product Upgrade Notice: LRS/RSP/UHP Series Acquired IEC/EN 61558 Certificate

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Group Certificate Dept./Frank Lin

In order to continuously provide more standardized power supply products, enhance product competitiveness and expand the application range, MEAN WELL has applied and obtained the IEC/EN 61558 certification for LRS-200/350/450/ 600,
RSP-200/320 and UHP-200/350/500 series. The power supplies are suitable to apply in various industrial control under the IEC/EN 61558-1 safety regulation: such as the instrumentation, power storage, power charging, and applications in home and building automation. By supplementing the IEC/EN 61558-1 regulation, MEAN WELL not only extends the application scope of power supplies but also provides system integration and certificate application based on the customers' products.

In addition, the LRS-200/350/450/600 and RSP-200/320 are also upgraded to the Overvoltage Category (OVC) III (4 KV) that has industrial grade insulation resistance and withstand voltage, which can reduce voltage conversion cost and comply with the safety insulation design. Easy for the mating of customer's equipment and lower the environment restrictions.

For more information of OVC III, please refer to the "Power Supplies for Overvoltage Category (OVC) III Applications".
If you have any questions about this product upgrade, please contact your MEAN WELL's representative.

The IEC/EN61558 products are listed as below:

Series Model Overvoltage Category Date of Production
RSP-200/320 (12~48V) OVC III
UHP-200 All models OVC II
Expected in W2307A
UHP-350/500 All models OVC II
Expected in 2023.04
LRS-200/350/450/600 All models OVC III



             Group Certificate Dept.