PowerNex|TJ-AG Series: Plastic Distribution Box

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Product Strategy Center / George Lai

The distribution box (junction box) is one of the main auxiliary materials required by electricians for wiring and distribution. It mainly protects the adapter components sealed in the box from being affected by dust or moisture. The new TJ-AG series adapts square head bolts and high-end PC (Polycarbonate) plastic material, which can avoid metal corrosion issues. Due to its outstanding flame-retardant rating (UL 94 5VA), it is suitable for environments under ambient temperatures of -40°C to +80°C. In addition, it has IP66 rated enclosure with a complete sealing design; provides an excellent barrier and it is suitable for all kinds of dusty or humid environments. Coupled with the impact resistance grade of IK9 and its excellent UV resistance (certified by UL 746C), it can prevent rapid aging of the box and save up the maintenance and repair costs, while reducing the plastic waste to the environmental impact.

This product is often used for wiring needs such as communications, firefighting equipment, garden/park lighting, railway control, monitor installation, various types of production equipment, and switch boxes; widely used in construction sites, factories, mines, airports, hotels, parking lots, swimming pools, boats, coastal terminal equipment, sewage and waste treatment facilities and other indoor and outdoor locations. 


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