SPUN02/DPUN02 Series 2W Miniaturized SIP Package Unregulated DC/DC Converter Module

By: Frank Chen/ Product Manager

In our effort to continually improve the DC/DC converter product competitiveness, MEAN WELL is releasing the next generation SPUN02 to replace the SPU02 that has been on the market for 12 years. In addition, we are adding the dual output DPUN02 series to expand our product offerings. The new SPUN02 and DPUN02 are cost competitive isolated and unregulated DC/DC converter in miniaturized SIP7 package.

The most outstanding features of the SPUN/DPUN02 series are competitive price, operating temperature up to +105°C, miniaturized size, and continuous short circuit protection without damage. Additionally, the SPUN02 can replace the SPR01 pin-to-pin as drop-in replacement, thus eliminating the need to re-layout PCB. The SPUN02 and DPUN02 are top choices for IoT, electrical machinery, information technology, industrial control, and communications equipment that require distributed power architecture and related applications.


SPUN02 Series   DPUN02 Series