MEAN WELL HVGC-1000 has been named a LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards Finalist

Fremont, California
MEAN WELL HVGC-1000 series has been named on finalist for Sapphire Awards being held February 12, 2020 aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA.  MEAN WELL HVGC-1000 has been chosen as its highly versatile feature and future proof LED power solution that comes in a high power, compact, and intelligent all-in-one package.
The LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards is in its sixth year and annually acknowledges the contributions of the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) supply chain in producing high-performance, quality engineered components and systems into the commercial distribution stream.
The HVGC-1000 series is developed to satisfy the increasingly diversified requirements from various fields of lighting applications. The whole series can be powered from wide input range of 180~528VAC, and its design focuses on the improvement of key functionality and intelligence of the products, including product size, heat dissipation method, programmable application, energy saving, etc.

There are currently very few standard kW-class LED drivers on the market, and one reason is due to the practical size and weight limitations of the application. With R&D breakthrough in high-voltage synchronous rectification circuit, the HVGC-1000 can output 1000W power with 96% high efficiency.

With reduced conversion loss and heat dissipation, the product is currently the most compact high-power LED lighting solution on the market. With only 10.8% increase in volume, it can output 50% more power over its predecessor. This means that the HVGC-1000 is still easily mountable into different types of lighting applications, while it can provide unprecedented level of output power from a discrete driver unit.

In addition to the emphasis on technical improvement of power conversion efficiency and power density, the HVGC-1000 also comes with various dimming options in a modular design.
With the simple change of one control board during production, the HVGC-1000 can be configured to be dimmable through either 3-in-1 dimming, programmable smart-timer diming, or DALI 2.0 dimming. In order to better support the intelligent control capabilities, the HVGC-1000 also has a built-in 12V/500mA auxiliary power, which can be used to power IoT wireless dimming controllers or peripheral heat dissipation equipment. For more information please contact